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Delivering Essential Low Pressure Products to Help COVID-19 Response Efforts

As an essential manufacturer, Ashcroft is fully operational and providing essential products for COVID-19 response applications for healthcare, pharmaceutical and OEM customers.

Hospital Isolation Roomscxl-image

At Ashcroft, we continue to support our front line health care heroes who are fighting this COVID-19 pandemic. Operating as an essential business in Connecticut, Ashcroft is shipping our American-made products to “hot spots” throughout the country to help contain the virus in pop-up hospitals, converted convention centers and health care facilities. 
The Ashcroft CXLdp Differential Pressure Transmitter TruAccuracy™ performance provides absolute certainty in an environment where uncertainty rules the day. Our products give health care workers confidence that their isolation rooms maintain the proper negative pressure and help keep patients and hospital staff safe. With same day/next day shipments available for the CXLdp, Ashcroft is here to deliver the critical products you need to help you mobilize where and when it matters most.  

Pharmaceutical Processing

DXLdp-image As pharmaceutical companies rush to develop vaccines, treatments and therapeutics to combat the COVID-19 pandemic, they must perform this research in a controlled clean room setting. Ashcroft provides many of these organizations with differential pressure sensors that ensure the certainty of these positive room pressures. 
The Ashcroft DXLdp Differential Pressure Transmitter has been the industry standard for pharmaceutical organizations for years. Its TruAccuracy™ performance provides absolute certainty in an environment that any pressure failure could compromise the results and unnecessarily delay these developments.


Ventilators and Anesthesia Ventilation Equipment

1490-covid-imageMedical manufacturers are urgently producing life-supporting mechanical ventilators for patients who are insufficiently able to breathe due to coronavirus symptoms. In response to this high demand, Ashcroft continues to increase production of the 1490 pressure gauge used on life-saving equipment that indicate the positive pressure required to help patients breathe.
Our 1490 Pressure Gauge can be tailor-made to specific ranges commonly needed from 25 cm H20 to 150 cm H20 and includes customized dial color zones and markings.